About us

WM Capital, company listed on AIM market of Italian Stock Exchange and specialized in the Business Format Franchising, promotes the growth of enterprises through the development of franchising, in Italy and abroad, providing industrial and operative know-how as well as an international and qualified team. Nowadays a growing number of enterprises globally are choosing the franchising formula to launch or improve their expansion strategies and more and more frequently combines a franchise stores with directly owned stores.

WM Capital is based on the 20 years experience of its founder, Fabio Pasquali, who has supported important entrepreneurial activities using franchising formula in their growing process in Italy and abroad.

In 1999 he founded AZ Franchising, the first multimedia format for the development of network system, offering concrete solutions and an active support for the development of more than 600 franchising networks, whereof 100 in the international market.

Among the main successful services that WM Capital offers to entrepreneur to develop their Business Format Franchising there are:

  • Strategic support for growth and internationalization
  • Entrance and development of foreign brands on Italian market;
  • Brand promotion activities to support the research of franchisees.