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Man, young and with a medium investment availability, about 40.000 euro. And above all basically already an entrepreneur. Who nowadays looks at franchising wants to diversify or convert its own business. More than financial facilitation, he asks for more orientation among the different opportunities offered by the market.
There is an army of young entrepreneurs out there which is searching for the right network in order to start a business. From the survey conducted by the AZ Franchising’s research division comes out that most of people who ask information about brands has already a business, as professional or independent dealer, and want to diversify its business (35 percent) or reduce the business risk (22 percent). 27% of those who want to join a franchise network, instead is an employee or hasn’t a job and wants to create an alternative employment. Therefore, in Italy franchising meets the growing needs of those who want to do business and who have already a work experience. It has become, also, an alternative to an occupation that is missing or that it’s not liked. The survey was conducted on 10 thousand candidates affiliates.

Who is looking for information to become an affiliate is basically a man (62%), young (more than 80 percent does not exceed 45 years), with an average availability of around 40 thousand euro. In particular, 35% says it’s willing to invest between 20 thousand and 40 thousand euro, and 31% between 10 thousand and 20 thousand euro. The remaining 40 percent has an availability between 40 and 100 thousand euro and more than 100 thousand. Almost half of franchisee candidates are between 26 and 35 years old. 28 percent between 36 and 45, 11 percent between 18 and 25: more than 80 per cent is under 45. The profile of who wants to get into a network can be completed with the origin: mostly he comes from the center and the southern regions of Italy. In addition to entrepreneurs, professionals and traders, the audience of potential franchisees is composed of employees (15 percent), and unemployed (12 per cent).

Among the critical issues which prospective franchisees report, rather than the lack of access to credit, there is how to figure out which brand should be trusted and which is the most suitable for the franchisor. As many as 78 percent of the affiliates believed that being successful with franchising is a matter of recognizing one’s own predispositions and, consequently, the right network to enhance them. This is why more than half of the affiliates asks for more orientation meetings, in order to understand which is the right brand.

Industries which attract the most interest of potential franchisees are food and clothing. The first one includes mainly fast food, pizza, Frozen Yogurt, chocolatiers, Yogurt, focaccia, ice cream parlors. The interest in fashion covers all categories: fashion for women, men and children. Even single-price stores, which alone showed 9% of the requests, have a great appeal.

The other half of the potential affiliates is … a minority, 38 per cent of the total. Instead, the young age is confirmed. Over 80 percent of female respondents are less than 45.The share of those who are employees (21%) and of those who are unemployed (14.6 per cent) is growing, while the one of professionals, entrepreneurs and traders (all around 28 percent) is decreasing. Housewives are around 6 percent. Speaking about origins, central and southern regions dominate the scene (61 percent), and then there are the northern west, with the 25 per cent.


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