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101 Caffé is specialized in selling quality coffee pods and capsules, through a network of franchised stores. At the ORIGIN, 101 Caffé had a narrow range of products; they initially were 100 types "plus one" (as they used to say: "always something more than the others"). Today, 101 Caffé includes more than 600 codes and it is the only brand in Italy who has reached this enviable result. FROM PASSION TO IDEA, FROM IDEA TO BUSINESS: the brand was born from a pure passion for coffee and from a clear business idea. They were aimed at offer a worthwhile alternative to large commercial brands proposing coffee made by italian roasters.  In November 2012, thanks to the franchising Expo, the dream came true. FROM ONE SHOP TO THE ENTIRE PENINSULA ... AND BEYOND: From the first store, the growth has been exponential and very fast. In few years we have moved from a stock of less than 200 square meters in one of more than 1000. Our points of sale are currently present in every corner of the peninsula and, thanks to several new opening requests, we are sure we will become the national leader for coffee. Some major brands, such as Nespresso and Lavazza, paved the way, and ensure us that capsules and pods market will grow in the medium and long term. NOT ONLY COFFEE: Although coffee remains the core of our business, our stores sell all sorts of drinks, in pods and capsules, for every type of machines on the market. Various types of tea, herbal teas, infusions, chocolate, barley, ginseng, beverages flavored with hazelnut, caramel, vanilla .... In short, the world 101 Caffé meets with all tastes and preferences, even those whose do not drink coffee. VALUES of 101 Caffé: For us, "Free to Choose", are not just words but a slogan to inspire our service: the choice between big commercial brand and Italian coffee roasting; the choice of the mixture, the origin, the quantity to buy. The italian coffee culture is an asset that should be broaden both in Italy and abroad. Our italian suppliers failed to emerge indipendently and to become famous because of the big commercial brands monopoly.101 Caffé helps them to win the marker share they deserve.

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